UNICMI Study Center

The UNICMI Study Center, active since 2000, has implemented a series of tools for the analysis of the building envelope sector and the performance of competing companies. The scientific direction is entrusted to Prof. Carmine Garzia.

The study center uses a variety of analytical tools, including: databases, simulation models, and surveys.


Database of financial statements for the following groups of companies:

  • manufacturers of Aluminum, PVC and Wood windows and doors;
  • Strategic suppliers of aluminum and PVC systems;
  • independent distributors (showrooms);
  • metalwork manufacturers;
  • manufacturers of shading systems and technical closures.

The balance sheet database maps over 600 companies, covering a period ranging from a minimum of ten years for the most recently created databases to around 20 years for the analysis of window and door manufacturers. It is the most comprehensive database available within the Italian construction industry.

Industry model for long-term forecasting of market dynamics and competition among companies with different business models;

Annual questionnaire on the evolution of the business activities of manufacturers of windows and doors, curtain walls and suppliers of window and door systems;

Survey of the sales of manufacturers of accessories and systems for aluminum windows and doors carried out by anonymously collecting analytical data directly from UNICMI member companies.

Over the years, the UNICMI Research Office has developed scientific collaborations with subjects of primary importance, such as: Bocconi University, Milan Polytechnic, University of Italian Switzerland.

The main publication of the UNICMI Study Center is the Building Envelope Market Report, which is previewed each year to UNICMI members, then disseminated free via the web. The main contents are as follows:

  • demand analysis in the construction industry;
  • analysis of the structure of the offer and of the market dynamics in the following sectors: windows and doors, facades, carpentry, shading systems.

The Report is the reference tool in the sector and is widely taken up by the economic and sector press and used as a reference basis for other studies carried out by other subjects The UNICMI Study Center publishes annual Thematic Presentations, which focus on some of the sectors into which the sector is divided. These are operational documents that focus on quantitative market information useful to managers, entrepreneurs and analysts. In particular we highlight:

  • Analysis of the metal construction industry;
  • Analysis of the technical closures and shading systems sector.

Finally, the Study Center produces Members-only Reports on topics of specific interest. Some of these reports may be offered for sale to non-members. Some examples are listed below.

  • Analysis of the purchasing process and selection of metal windows and doors (2014);
  • Window Frame Price Survey (2014).